This Structure In The Netherlands Is The Only One Of Its Kind, And It's Absolutely Awesome.

Bicycles have always been a popular mode of transportation around the world. Since their invention, they have reached nearly every corner of the planet. Some intrepid travelers take them up mountains, or across glaciers. Cities though, are where they truly shine. In many cases, a practiced cyclist can outpace a car in a crowded, congested city. This rapid pace and a lack of driver awareness can lead to quite a few serious accidents.

In the Netherlands, a new approach to bicycle traffic aims to basically prevent all car/bicycle collisions. They have dubbed this amazing new structure the Hovenring.

The solution is simple. Separate the cyclists.


The world's first roundabout for cyclists, The Hovenring connects bicycle commuters to several local towns, safely separating them from the busy streets below.

Essentially a ring-shaped suspension bridge, the architecture is stunning.

At night is when things really get beautiful. An advanced, environmentally friendly LED lighting system illuminates both the road below and the bike path above.


All lit up, it looks almost like a spaceship.

The designers clearly wanted people to know that this is the roadway of the future.

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of these around the globe, as people embrace greener modes of transit.

Credit: Twisted Sifter | IPV Delft |

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