This Swirling, Colorful Map Of The World Is Gorgeous. The Real Surprise Is How It's Made

Istanbul-born artist Sena Runa didn't always have such a creative and fulfilling career. Just like many others, Runa went to university and started a corporate career as a human resources specialist. After 7 years of tedious work, she left to make paper quilling her full-time job.

So, what is paper quilling?

Quilling, or paper filigree, is an art form where paper strips are shaped and used together to form designs. The craft dates back to the Renaissance, where it was primarily practiced by nuns and monks who used strips of the gilded edges books.

Quilling is now practiced around the world, across all strata of society, as opposed to just the upper classes.

It's also used in a huge variety of applications. Cards, boxes, coasters or even purses have all used as a canvas for quilling. The majority of Runa's pieces are designed to be mounted, framed and displayed on the wall.

Runa's work displays huge range, in color, size and shape.

This camera might be small, but the amount of detail is anything but. Each tiny component has to be folded and shaped precisely so that it fits together.


But she isn't afraid to go big, either.

She named this map-inspired piece "What a Wonderful World," which is a pretty apt description.

Runa doesn't just limit herself to quilling, either. A series of dancers she created were all mixed media pieces, made using paper and watercolors.

This particular piece has been sold, but she is still selling similar ones. She custom makes each order, sized either 5.9"x7.9" or 9.84"x9.84", in about two to three weeks; the smaller pieces cost $50, while the larger ones will set you back $65.

Entirely custom pieces are also possible and can be almost anything your heart desires.

Runa has created pieces for both personal and commercial uses, including the covers of books and albums.


If hanging art on your wall isn't your thing, there are other delightful quilled delights to be had.

A necklace like this one is dainty and delicate, but it really makes a statement.

While the beautiful art is reason to support Runa's career as an artist, her continued attention to detail is an added bonus.

When you purchase a piece from Runa's Etsy shop, you know it will arrive carefully wrapped in style.

Via: Bored Panda | Sena Runa Quilted Paper Art

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