This Table Designer Has Created The Perfect Blend Of Art And Function. I'm In Awe Of His Work.

When it comes to interior design, tables are rarely the focal point of any room. Sure, they are necessary but they are all basically the same – four legs and a flat space to set things. In Minneapolis, a designer named John Foster is shaking things up with a line of custom tables that sparkle in the sunlight. Reverse pyramid cut glass crystals are inlayed under a glass tabletop, an effect that splits natural light and reflects rainbows throughout the room.

When asked about his work, Foster said: “I want my objects to influence our experience. I embrace chance, and allow the experiential aspect of my work to inform the composition of prints, paintings, sculptures, utilitarian objects, and more.” To see more of his work, visit him on Facebook.

1. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

2. But, who could disagree that these are anything short of fantastic? 


3. It’s not just a table – it’s art. 

4. Art that lights up the entire room. 

5. They look great in any sunny space. 

6. The rainbows change depending on the sun. 


7. On bright days, you’ll see a ton. 

8. But even on cloudy days there will be enough to brighten up the room. 

9. John Foster’s love for design is evident in these beautiful tables. 

10. Now the only question is, where will I put mine? 

Credit: Twisted Sifter | John Foster

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