This Table Expands In The Most Amazing Way

We all want more for less, whether it's a bargain buy or a two-for-one deal. Well, when it comes to space and furniture, there aren’t a lot of options readily available. This is especially true when you have friends and family over and there aren’t enough seats to go around. There’s always one or two people standing, people stealing seats, or awkwardly eating on the couch. 

This is the moment you look around and wonder if you should have invested in that gigantic monstrosity of a dining room set, instead of opting for a more standard dining table. You could always build a spacious nook for your family or make a newer, bigger dining room table by hand. But, the trade off with these bigger options is that it takes away the space of the room itself. Plus, why build it when you can just buy the perfect table that gives you more seats and takes up less space? 

There is a new style of furniture, called “smart furniture”, that provides you with the functionality you need, without taking up extra space which is especially useful if you're living in smaller quarters. This expandable round table, for example, is a game-changer when it comes to hosting the perfect get-together. It is not only perfect for daily use but also spins open to expand and provide more room when needed. Watch how easy and cool it is to save room and have more seats at the table. Be careful what you wish for, though - if you get this table, you just might end up hosting every family celebration!

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H/T: mysia7788

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