This Teacher Went Viral After April Fool's. Now, Ellen Is Recognizing Him For What A Great Guy He Is

A few weeks ago, we discovered Joey Dombrowski, a hilarious fourth-grade teacher who pulled the funniest April Fool's Day prank on his students. 

The prank - where he gave his students a fake spelling quiz with made-up words and bizarre spellings - ended up going hugely viral. So much so, in fact, that Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of it and invited Joe onto her show.

Joe explained that he loves positive pranks - the kind that make learning more fun. "If they're laughing, they're going to remember it," he says.

Towards the end of their discussion, Ellen learns that Joe often uses his own money to buy supplies for his students (a sad reality for far too many teachers). As recognition for what a great teacher he is, she then proceeds to surprise him with two checks for $10,000 - one for him and one for the school.

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H/T: TheEllenShow

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