This Teacher's Outfits Are Changing How Her Students Learn

Debby Heerkens, a Dutch biology teacher, is always looking for new ways to educate. One day, while out walking, she noticed a girl wearing some unsual leggings. Popular amongst people looking for an edgy new fashion, these graphic print tank tops and leggings are a little gross, a little humorous, and thanks to Debby, a little educational. She purchased several different items after finding them online, and crafted a lesson plan to go with them.

When she showed up for class on the day of the lesson, her students probably had no idea she was wearing a few extra layers.

The surprise was met with laughter, but more importantly, the students were engaged.

While the muscle and organ clothing was the real eyecatcher, Debby didn’t stop there...


From organs to skeleton to muscles, her students learned a lot that day, and you can bet they won’t forget it.

Here’s a short video showing the unusual lecture.

Via: BoredPanda

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