This Technicolor House Might Have A Fun Paint Job, But That's Not The Most Unusual Thing About It

Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood is home to this eye-catching technicolor house called the Tenas Chuck Moorage. There is no doubt that this place gets a lot of double takes as people drive past. However, it's vibrant exterior isn't nearly as impressive as the inside. The layout is gorgeous, but this house doesn't stop at good looks. This gem is floating on water, which makes it just about the perfect place to relax and unwind.

This houseboat has a split-level roof deck, wood plank flooring, an embossed tin ceiling, a living room, kitchen area, a bedroom and ¾ bathroom complete with a washer and dryer.

Here is the spectacular view from Tenas Chuck Moorage's rooftop.

There is an enormous kitchen that is fit for any cooking aficionado. 


The owners and their guests can sit and enjoy the views this place has to offer, both outside and inside.

That incredible detail in the ceiling really pulls the place together.

Here is the small deck right outside of the living room.

A nicely sized master bedroom fits into this place with ease.


This bathroom is absolutely perfect. Want a tub? Well, apparently it has room for one of those as well, although it’s not pictured here. 

It fits nice and snug with its neighbors, and gives the surrounding area a bright and happy feel.

Even the mailboxes in this community are vibrant.

Credit: Tiny House for Us | Tiny House Swoon 

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