This Three-Legged Chihuahua Tries On A Doll Hand For The First Time. She Just Stole My Heart.

When a tiny Chihuahua named ChaCha was just 8 weeks old, an accident robbed her of her left front paw. Veterinarians tried to save the paw, but her tiny blood vessels were too small to reattach it. But ChaCha's size was no match for her spirit and she instantly adapted to life on three paws. Nine years later, little ChaCha is still going strong.

And like many humans who've overcome adversity, ChaCha has a killer sense of humor.

One day, her human, Matt, was at a thrift store when he saw a weird accessory: a doll hand. On a whim, he took it home and it showed it to ChaCha.

"She's been missing that paw since she was 8 weeks old," Matt said. "At the time of the pictures she was 9 years old, so it doesn't bother her. As far as the hand, it was just a doll hand I found at a thrift store and it just [happened] to fit on her nubbin perfect. It's not like we left it on there or anything, just stuck it on and took a few pictures."

The third photo is the absolute cutest thing you are going to see all day. You've been warned...

Credit: Huffington Post

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