This Tiny Apartment Seems Small On The Inside, But Wait Until You See How It Transforms

New York City is known for its impossibly small and impossibly expensive apartments, as well as its studio apartments that are often less than 400 square feet. A studio layout in a Gramercy neighborhood building in Manhattan is conquering its space issue in an innovative way.

The studio is just 390 square feet. But its secret?

The apartment is robotic, able to morph with the press of a button.


A jutting moveable wall brings the classic New York Murphy bed up into the 21st century.

The ease of the apartment's transformation makes it accessible for elderly or disabled New Yorkers who comprise much of the city's "micro dwelling" units.

To make this even easier, the sliding part of the floor is cabled, allowing for the TV and entertainment system to move around undisturbed.

The designers call this the 5:1 apartment, referring to its distinct layouts for living, working, sleeping, dressing and entertaining.


Despite the tiny space, the unit has large windows that light up the rooms.

And the kitchen is very large for Manhattan standards.

The Gramcery apartment that houses the 5:1 was built in the 1920s, but this unit is straight from the future of city living.

Credit: Michael K Chen

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