This Tiny Box Shows The Weather Forecast... With Real Rain And Lightning. The Result Is Stunning

Ken Kawamoto, software engineer and inventor, describes his mission as to "break the barrier between the digital world and the real world." With his latest invention, the Tempescope, he's done just that with a little box that brings real-time weather inside your home.

Interfacing with weather forecasts from reliable internet sources, the Tempescope creates clouds, fog and precipitation in its inventive little box.

You can program it to correspond with the current weather, should you want to bring the outdoor showers indoors, or to predict the next day's weather.


Kawamoto designed and released his invention with open source software, meaning that the code and schematics are available to anyone to build their own.

You can also customize it to correspond to weather around the world. Perfect for the homesick traveler. 

He is also raising money in a crowdfunding campaign to sell the Tempescope later in the year.

The boxes are beautiful, tasteful additions to any home.


Here's a video showing the box in action.

Credit: Tempescope | Bored Panda

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