This Tiny Home Doesn't Look Like Much, But It's The Best Way To Live Off-Grid Anywhere In The World

Did you remember to pay the electrical bill? How about the gas? And the wifi? And the cable? It's enough to make you want to unplug, pack a tent and just drop out of society.

Well, thanks to Slovakian-based Nice Architects, going off the grid might be an attractive option.

Meet the Ecocapsule. It's a portable unit that uses solar, wind and rain energy for a full year's worth of off-the-grid living.

The Ecocapsule sleeps two people comfortably and a brilliant design maximizes its 26 square feet of space.


The pods can be used in rural or urban environments, making them a possibility for emergency relief efforts.

They're small enough to travel by shipping container or be towed on a standard trailer.

The pods have kitchenettes and full bathrooms, all with running hot water.

The walls of the pods are designed for maximum efficiency in energy saving while still maintaining a comfortable climate.


Research stations, humanitarian relief efforts, housing for developing areas and just simplified living could be the future for the Ecocapsule.

Would you live in a pod like this, under the stars, for a year?

Credit: Bored Panda

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