This Tiny Home Only Costs $5000 To Build, But Its Amenities Make It Seem Like A Mansion

The Tiny House movement is endlessly fascinating. The world of tiny houses is full of newlyweds, retirees, young people and even whole families who are achieving better living through downsizing. When building these houses, the balance of skill, ingenuity and careful editing choices is what makes these structures breathtaking. Arched Cabins, a Houston-based tiny house company, is a master of tiny house construction.

The small arched homes bear a resemblance to Quonset huts.

They range from 12-19 feet tall.

And they come in a choice of 14-foot or 24-foot widths, costing $200-$320 per linear foot.


The cost includes the structural ribs, roofing, ridge beam, flooring and the R13 insulation.

The rest, like foundation and end caps, are $3,000. Still, a reasonable price for a full home.

Although the company can assemble the cabin to your liking for a charge, the construction is part of the fun.


A fully decked-out Arched Home only runs $7,500 to $14,000.

They come with a 40-year warranty on the exterior panels.

And in 20 different colors, there's sure to be one you’ll love. What are you waiting for?

Credit: Arched Cabins | Little Things

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