This Tiny Island Is Home To An Exclusive Hotel. The Rooms Really Caught Me Off Guard

We’ve seen a lot of awesome hotels and mysterious islands, but nothing quite like this teeny-tiny island in the Maldives. In fact, it’s SO small that it’s hard to believe anything is there, much less a stunning and unforgettable destination like the one you’re about to see. It’s beautiful and sunny, but best of all, it’s truly secluded. Maybe you’re an introvert or you just really need a break from people – either way, this exclusive spot is just what the doctor ordered. 

From above it doesn’t seem like much, but take a closer look at the water …

Here you will find hotel rooms lining the warm, blue waters of the Indian Ocean. 

But not just any rooms – these are boats. Real boats that are tethered to a dock and gently rocking you to sleep each night. 


After morning coffee, you can slip right into the sea down this nifty little slide. 

Or just sit back and enjoy the view. This seems like a good time to mention that there’s Wi-Fi. Also pools, restaurants and a gym, just in case tranquility is not enough for you. 

Inside the boats are peaceful rooms with big, comfy beds. 

There’s a lot of room, considering that you’re on a boat. 


Especially in the bathroom! 

It’s definitely a place like no other. Anyone else ready to plan a mid-winter vacation? 

Via: Sliptalk | Como Hotels

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