This Tiny Trailer Is Only 98 Square Feet, But When I Saw The Inside... I Had To Do A Double Take

Part of the fun of the Tiny House movement is seeing the endless variations its creators come up with. While some of the DIY homes are downright cavernous, the smallest of the Tiny Houses, called "micro" houses, really take tiny to heart.

This is one of the "micro" homes, coming in at just 7 feet by 14 feet and only 98 square feet.

The home's designer, Graham Berry, named it "Walden" after Henry David Thoreau's famous getaway.


Like the original Walden home, it has a warm cabin feel to it.

Although it's much, much smaller.

The day bed, bathroom and kitchen provide everything you could ever need on the road.


Walden is currently spending time in Aurora, Oregon.

The dark wood at the left side is a table that folds out for meals and desk space.

Walden is for sale at just $18,500, if you're ready to cast off the chains of excess and "live deliberately."

Credit: Tiny House Listings

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