This Tortoise Was First Photographed In 1902. This Is What He Looks Like Over 100 Years Later

"You look great for your age," is usually a back-handed compliment, but in the case of Jonathan, it's totally warranted. He's a giant tortoise, and he is thought to be the world's oldest known living land animal.

Jonathan in 1902 and Jonathan in 2015. He's barely aged a bit.


He was at least 50 when he was first photographed in 1902, which would make him around 163 years old today. 

St Helena

According to Jonathan's vet, Jonathan is still going strong and should expect many more healthy years to come.



Jonathan enjoys his twilight years at the Plantation House with the governor of the island of St. Helena and five other tortoise companions. 

St Helena

The average tortoise lives an impressive 150 years, but Jonathan has still beaten the odds. One tortoise is rumored to have lived in India for 250 years, but Jonathan is the oldest confirmed.

IFL Science

Tourists of St. Helena are welcome to visit Jonathan during his waking, daylight hours.

Earth Photos

Jonathan's sight and smell have started declining with his old age, so he gets special high-calorie treats to keep his weight regular.

Seychelles News Agency


Due to hunting, it's likely that Jonathan is the last living tortoise of his lineage.

Seychelle’s News Agency

Jonathan seems to enjoy getting visits from the grandkids.


Credit: Earth Porm

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