This Town Has A Library, Houses, Recreational Areas, Stores... Everything Except People.

Along the northwestern coast of Canda, close to the Alaskan border, is a mysterious town, accessible only by an arduous gravel road located behind a locked gate. Travel that road and you will find 94 homes, 200 apartments, restaurants, a shopping mall, a hospital, banks, and theaters – everything a thriving town needs. The only thing missing? People.

Welcome to the ghost town of Kitsault, BC…

A town that has been empty for more than thirty years. 

Kitsault was established by U.S. mining conglomerate Phelps Dodge in 1979. At its peak, 1,200 people lived in the town, but then, the unthinkable happened. 

Only 18 months after the mine opened, the prices of molybdenum, a metal used in steel production, dropped. Finances quickly crashed, forcing the mine to close. 

But what about the new residents? Couldn’t they stay and find a new way of life? 

The answer was no. Phelps Dodge ordered everyone to leave the town, even forcefully evicting those who were unwilling to leave their homes. 


By 1983, Kitsault was empty of both people and hope. 

Oddly enough, the power in Kitsault was left on, as if the town were just waiting for people to return. 

Everything has been strangely well-maintained – check out this late 70s décor. 

There are still books in the library…

Scoreboards in the sport’s center…

And stagnant water in the pools. 

It looks like nothing has changed. 


But of course, everything has. 

Kitsault is a place where time stands still, a giant time capsule of forgotton homes and lives. 

Wherever Diane is, she would be a grown woman by now. 

Could these grocery store shelves ever be lined with goods again? In 2004 it seemed that the town’s luck was changing when businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran bought the entire town for $5.7 million. 

He hoped to turn the town into a retreat for intellectuals, but soon realized that the region’s natural gas resources would make a more valuable investment. 

Today, Kitsault remains empty as funds are raised to turn it into a natural gas hub. Will the town once more welcome residents into its empty streets? Or remain frozen in time forever? Only the future will tell. 

It’s amazing to see a moment in time frozen so perfectly. Who lived in Kitsault? Where did they go? Share what you know about the town with us in the comment section below, and don’t forget to pass along these ghost town images to your friends and family. 

Credit: Chad Graham

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