This Trailer Is Only 140 Square Feet, But It Has Everything You Would Find In A Normal House

Chris and Malissa Tack met and fell in love over their preference for living out in the country and exploring nature. They'd lived in Michigan for most of their lives and tried their hand at New York City. They found themselves tired of the city and relocated to Washington on the other coast. 

But they took the tiny, New York apartment-sized living with them.

In fact, their little Washington house is even tinier than the smallest of New York City apartments.

It's just 140 square feet, but the beautiful layout and spacious open design make it feel anything but cramped.

Even more impressive: the couple built the house with their own two hands.

The couple estimates that it took about 800 hours of work and somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000.


People thought they were crazy for going DIY on their whole house. After all, they were media artists, not builders.

But their creativity and dedication paid off and the tiny home is perfectly charming, with an artist's attention to detail.

The measurements of the home's interior are 6'8.5" by 19'10.5", with the living room ceiling higher than the kitchen to accommodate the sleeping loft.

Look at that perfect barrel, rain-style shower. Keeping it near the kitchen helps keep the piping economical.

The tiny house is super eco-friendly, from the compost toilet to the solar panels.

The couple loves their house and has been living there for three years.


Today, they run the Tiny Tack House blog where they seek to inspire others to build and design their own simpler lives.

The home also allows them to live harmoniously with nature –  something that has inspired Chris to create an impressive portfolio of wildlife images.

The experience of building the home inspired Malissa to start designing small spaces for Seattle clients in 3-D.

Credit: Tiny Tack House | Little Things

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