This Tree Grew In His Backyard For Years. One Day, He Decided To Make It A Child's Dream Come True

Just in time for his daughter's 5th birthday, a creative father looked to his backyard for the perfect gift. A tree sitting outside was the ideal place to start. After some labor-intensive (but rewarding!) work, an amazing treehouse was built. It's not just an ordinary treehouse. Some brilliant ideas went into this project that can satisfy any little boy or girl's dreams.

This is the final product, with a 30 foot, 4-sided rope ladder and all its amenities.

He started with a single tree, supporting two adjacent trunks. The two trunks served as essential support beams.

Four, 1.25-inch diameter, 15-inch-long galvanized lag bolts are laid out and ready for assembly.

Here is where the bolts come into use. Pilot holes are drilled for the lag bolts. 

With the bolts and turnbuckles secure, leveling and tree movement are under control.

Attached to the turnbuckles are thick wire slings for the transport of materials up and down the tree.


The hanging method he used allows for the wind to pass through without applying stress to the branches.

Here, the heavy boards are faced together and level.

Next, he nails the previous beams together.

These are the bones of the foundations with a secret, trap-door hatch.

Here is the foundation secure and in the tree.

Things are coming along at this point. Pre-treated decking is assembled.

Deck screws are put into place.


A panelized cedar playhouse kit is ready to be lifted into the tree. 

Here is where it starts to look more like a treehouse. All four walls are in place.

Rope ladder and roofing are ready for a happy five-year-old.

The height difference between a young girl and this monster of a treehouse is comical.

This is the detail of the rope ladder up close. 

There was clearly so much love put into this.

If you are wondering what it looks like in the winter, it is just as stunning. 

Credit: The Treehouser | Imgur

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