This Tree Was Just An Eyesore In The Yard. Wait Until You See It In The Living Room

We love our cats here at Wimp, but we’re not always thrilled by the unsightly accessories that are part and parcel of living with them. Cat trees are chief among the offenders. They are also absolutely vital to a happy kitty and an undestroyed living room. Whoever decided they needed to be ugly, beige-carpeted monstrosities, however, must have been blind.

In the very least, this drab inventor didn’t have the vision of one Imgur user. Sliphur’s woodworking projects are all beautiful creations, but most are complicated and out of the reach of ordinary folks with modest wood skills. This DIY cat tree, however, is a beautiful take on a usually ugly necessity, that your cats will definitely appreciate as much as you do.

First, you just have to find a tree you don’t need. This might be the hardest part. 

Use your preferred saw to clean it up a bit.

Fashion a simple base.

Use lag bolts to securely fasten.


You’re practically halfway through already!

Next you want to cut some fun shapes for the various levels.

Let’s be honest. Yours probably won’t be as perfect as Sliphur’s. That’s okay, though.

You might even make simpler shapes to speed up the process.

Here the capable craftsman used threaded, metal inserts to make the platforms removable.

Wood screws would probably work for you just fine.


Any cat tree wouldn’t be complete without carpet, but here you can select a carpet you like and that actually goes with the room.

Some varnish finishes up the tiered platforms.

Some jute or twine gives you an easily replaceable scratching post, and lets your furry friend easily climb all the way up.

Cat tested, cat approved.

Your cat is sure to love this fun project.

Via: Sliphur

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