This Trick Makes It Much Harder For Burglars To Break Into Your House

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. We hear statistics and news stories about people's houses getting broken into, but we never think that it could happen to us. Burglars target homes while the owners are at work, out of town or, in some cases, still inside the house. 

In the past, we have shown you a few great ways to protect your house against burglars. Some are pretty unexpected, like transforming a dinner fork into a lock, while others are witty and practical, like using old binders to conceal your valuables. You can never be too prepared when it comes to making your house more secure, unless you decide to move into an underground bunker for the rest of your life … that might qualify as a little too prepared. 

This new hack was published by Mariana Hanson on Facebook. Her father taught it to her when she moved into her first apartment, and she hasn't stopped doing it ever since. Plus, Hanson is a real estate agent, so she knows a thing or two about protecting valuable property. Apparently, when contractors install doors in your home, they use the small screws that come with the door to secure the metal plate to the door frame. The image below shows a side-by-side comparison of the screws currently in your door frame versus the ones Mariana and her father recommend you use. As you can see, the screw on top is about six times as long as the tiny screws that secure the metal plate that catches your door's deadbolt.


According to Mariana, the supplied screws that most contractors use "come out with one kick by a burglar." If you replace them with the recommended four-inch screws, thieves "can kick for a long time before they get tired!" She goes on to say that "making a burglar make a bunch of noise and be foiled in their initial plan cannot only give you time to arm yourself, but they will most likely move on to an easier target."


These screws can be obtained at any hardware store, so there's no reason to delay making your home more secure today. If you'd like to learn about a few more ways to make your house 100 percent burglar-proof, then check out these other simple tips and tricks that we love.

Protect your garage.

Jay Mantri

Garages can be a treasure trove for robbers, so make sure to keep valuable items like tools out of sight, and always keep the garage closed when not in use. A motion-sensitive floodlight can also be a nice addition that will scare off anyone who isn't supposed to be there.

Make sure your locks aren't cheap.

Life Of Pix

You'd be surprised by the number of locks that can be broken with minimal effort. A high-quality magnetic or electronic lock should do the trick.


Always keep your landscaping clean.


This is a good practice regardless, but it actually works as a deterrent for burglars who tend to seek out yards with plenty of hiding spaces. Overgrown shrubs and trees casting lots of shadows are a thief's dream, allowing them to linger for a long time before making a move.

"Someone" is always home.

Jay Mantri

Thieves are highly unlikely to break in if they think someone is home. There are all kinds of creative ways to trick people into thinking that your house is occupied, from leaving the TV on to having your neighbors park their car in your driveway. Our personal favorite is hiring someone to come by and mow your lawn while you are out of town. This way, your house looks active and you return home to a spiffy looking yard.

Via: NX2 | SafeWise

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