This TV Was Headed To The Trash, Until One Man With A Unique Idea Turned It Into Something Epic.

Seinfeld is one of the most-loved television shows of all time, but this fan took things to a whole new level when he re-created Jerry’s living room inside a TV fish tank. Take a look. 

Here is the finished Seinfeld fish tank. 

The tank houses miniature versions of Jerry’s furniture, as well as the fish Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine, and Newman. The full plans are available here.

To make one of your own, start with an old CRT TV. 

These are also known as cathode ray tube TVs. They can often be found on Craigslist or in second-hand stores. 

Next, you have to remove the TV guts. 

For this step, refer to the instructions very carefully. If done wrong, it can be extremely dangerous, as the capacitor inside may still hold a charge. 

This will be the aquarium frame. 

Now that the screen and guts are gone, this can go back onto the stand. 


Here it is, all cleaned up. 

It should look something like this. 

Now it’s time to make it functional. 

Piano hinges are installed to make a lid. After all, you’ll need to feed your fish. 

All ready. 

It’s time to make this an official aquarium. 

A 20-gallon tank fits nicely. 

This one comes complete with light, heater, pump, and filter. It’s critical that your fish have everything they need, and that it fits even when the TV lid is closed. 


The backdrop is created. 

This one was made by a programmer, but you can also search images online. After finding the right one, print the correct size, laminate, and adhere to the back wall of the tank. 

Fill it up. 

Lay gravel, add water, and carefully transfer fish to its new home. 

Add some details. 

Jerry’s furniture was purchased on eBay, and originally sold for doll houses. There is also a small aquatic plant. All in all, it turned out awesome. Best of all, the fish seem happy. 

Credit: Imgur

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