This Unassuming Tunnel Leads To A Survival Bunker. When I Saw What's Inside, I Was Blown Away

In case of an emergency, you might keep a flashlight, some matches and maybe even a few gallons of water around the house. 

But if you've got money to spend and those apocalypse thoughts are keeping you up at night, Atlas Survival Shelters will build you an entire underground bunker with all the comforts of home, 20 feet below your house.

All luxury bunkers come with a generator pod to power your fridge, lights and entertainment. 

If you're feeling neighborly, you can even build a four-family shelter.

The 7-foot pipe system that makes up the bunkers is enormous. 


But the entrance to it is very small and discreet so you won't have the whole neighborhood begging to come in.

The staircase to the opening is built at a 30 degree angle to deflect gamma rays.

Home sweet underground home.

The living room looks downright cozy.

The white walls of the master bedroom help detract from the lack of windows.

The second bedroom has bunk beds to sleep four.


And the beds, ingeniously, flip up for storage.

There's a second escape hatch built in for safety.

The bunkers offer full kitchens with working fridges and sinks.

And an eating area reminiscent of a diner booth.

There's a functional toilet and shower in a bathroom that doubles as a laundry room.

Not bad for a backup plan.

Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters

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