This Urban Treehouse Protects Its Residents From Noise And Air Pollution

In the middle of Turin, Italy, one determined architect has built what is probably the biggest tree house that you have ever seen. Luciano Pia wanted to preserve nature, so he merged it with his creative design techniques to construct a five-story apartment building like no other. Pia’s unique design incorporated steel girders and 150 deciduous trees that made the urban residents feel more in touch with nature.

The building is crafted in such a way that the trees within it are able to grow in the most natural way possible. The surplus of trees in the area creates cleaner air for the residents as well as beautiful scenery throughout the year. Completed in 2012, the building is now a charming attraction for all passersby and a joyous space for all of its residents.

From the outside, it looks as if the building is in the process of being reclaimed by nature.

A wide variety of plants cover its facade; on top of being decorative, it also helps block out noise pollution.


The plants on the building’s exterior are staggered in such a way that they all receive ample sunlight and have sufficient room to grow.

The inner area of the complex is filled with trees – like a miniature forest.

Even passersby benefit from the unique exterior of the building; more green spaces are a welcomed sight in any city.

The strange arrangement of exposed steel girders adds to the atmosphere that the building exudes. The color resembles that of tree branches, and there are even ones designed specifically as tree trunks.


The balconies to each unit are very well sized. They were designed with the thought that residents would love more time outdoors than being cooped up inside.

The common areas are covered in foliage. Who wouldn’t love strolling in a place like this?

Via: Luciano Pia | Bored Panda

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