This Used To Be A Bunker During The Cold War. Today, It Has Undergone A Stunning Transformation

In London, there's a gorgeous house on the market for $5.2 million, in the Chislehurst area. But what's most impressive about it is its strange history.

The house was originally a Cold War bunker, built in the 1950s.

It was one of four "Regional Control Centers" for London.

The house was to be used by government officials in the case of a nuclear attack.

The bunker was abandoned shortly after the building was completed and the five-bedroom home fell into disrepair.


But, as you can see, it's been completely renovated as of 2008.

All of the home's windows and doors had to be carved out from its thick interior.

As you can imagine, the bunker's courtyard pool wasn't an original feature.

Here, one of the thick concrete walls has a new life as a window seat in a bedroom.

This au pair suite now boasts a glass door opening out to a garden area.


You would never guess this home's origins came from such a place of fear.

One of the most remarkable features is this greenhouse sitting area with skylight views.

The bunker once had dormitory style rooms and diesel generators. Now, the grounds have paved walkways and landscaped trees, perfect for taking in the fresh, clean air of the garden.

Credit: Curbed

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