This Used To Be A Gas Station, But What These People Transformed It Into Is Much More Impressive

They just don't make gas stations like they used to. Case in point: this New Orleans gas station built in 1918 with a Spanish tile roof, curved light fixtures and bold vintage awning. 

But if you're running low on gas, you'll have to go elsewhere.

This retro Sinclair station has been given a new life as a loft.

The garage doors allow for plenty of light and air to pass through.

Formerly the station's mechanic's shop, it's got an impressive amount of space and looks great with the open floor plan.


The gas station had fallen into disrepair and might have been in danger of demolition were it not for this owner's innovative eye for the space.

The view from the stairs. The kitchen and super casual living space flow together perfectly.

The sleeping loft above is nice and cozy.


One of the original pumps now serves as decor for the spacious, light-filled dining room.

Little details, like these vintage cars, play off the space's original use.

The lofted bedroom takes it up a notch with an old mid-century bumper and old Mobil pegasus.

(Side note, why do you never see that pegasus anymore? It was so much fun.)

Credit: The Roosevelts

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