This Used To Be A Train Caboose, But Now It's A Beautiful, Luxurious Tiny Home

The tiny home trend is on everyone's mind lately, but have you ever wondered what it would really be like to stay in one? The Izaak Walton Inn & Resort lets you try tiny on for size.

This unique hotel's accommodations are converted train cabooses with a rustic exterior.

But a luxury interior.

Electric fireplaces and big warm beds are perfect for chilly nights in the woods.


And a modern kitchen lets you whip up camp classics in total luxury.

Of course, what is a tiny house without its sleeping loft?

Different cabooses offer slightly different colors and shapes, but they're all totally adorable.

With cozy wood interiors and a granite countertop.

The sleeping loft has a great morning view.


This caboose still reps its original Montana RailLink paint job.

Perfect for little conductors to have a turn in the driver's seat.

The cabooses are surprisingly spacious.

With a classic Americana view overlooking the train tracks.

Credit: Izaak Walton Inn | Diply

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