This Used To Be An Aircraft Hangar, But Today It's A Tropical Paradise

When you think of a tropical vacation, Brandenburg, Germany might not be your top pick. It's 40 miles away from Berlin, completely landlocked and has a daily temperature ranging from the 30s to the 60s. 

Even though it looks like this, don't forget to pack your swimsuit and flip-flops for a tropical vacation here. Because this hangar has a huge surprise.

Inside is the Tropical Islands Resort.

The retired airship hangar is 1,200 feet long, 700 feet wide and 350 feet high.

The internal temperature is kept at 78 degrees, perfect for beachgoers to kick back and tropical plants to thrive.

Even in the dead of winter, it's nothing but blue skies in the resort.

Wildlife adds to the tropical ambience.

Flamingos and more than 50,000 plants call this man-made rainforest home.


If you need that extra dose of authenticity, there's even a display of spiders and tropical insects. (No thank you.)

The interior island platform has two hot tubs surrounded by a sprawling lagoon pool.

The beach housing draws influence from real Mediterranean climate homes.

It looks great at night, too.

Themed restaurants offer a bevy of vacation, alfresco dining options.

The resort pulls influence from Thai, Borneo, Samoan and Balinese architecture.

Kids have their own play area.

But it's the huge pools that are the real highlight here.


Private tents give the feeling of beach camping with all the luxuries of indoor amenities.

This family is not letting a little bit of winter get in the way of their beach day.

Outside the resort is the harsh reality of winter. Can you just stay in the resort until spring comes?

The resort can accommodate up to 6,000 guests a day.

Winding waterpark slides shoot guests through twists and turns.

Credit: Slip Talk | Sean Gallop

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