This Used To Be An Old Fire Rescue Truck, But It Was Transformed Into Something Much, Much Cooler.

When this dad bought an old German fire rescue truck, it wasn't to simply restore it. He had bigger plans. The truck was a design formerly used by the Danish Army in the 1980s and shared production with the Hannover Volkswagen factory, so it had some unique features he wanted to take advantage of. 

Here's the original fire truck. It's smaller than a typical fire truck, but check out the support on the flatbed.

The model is a MAN FAE 8.136 with customized support to keep the flatbed straightened. 

Heating coils embedded in the floor let the naturally rising warmth fill the space in an economic way.

The fire engine red served its purpose, but now? That paint's gotta go.

Already looking much brighter and cleaner with a coat of white paint.

Now the walls of the back space are starting to come together. 

This hub contains a power and heating unit that's small but powerful.


The black and red boxes here are water tanks being covered by the framework for seating.

From the windows and door frames in the back walls, you can start to get a sense for what the space will look like. 

Hatch windows provide plenty of air flow, even in rainy weather.

Every inch of space is used. The cooling unit is hidden away in a secret compartment between the wheel wells.

This hydraulic elevator frame is durable and strong enough to hold a motorcycle.

And of course, no reason to waste any roof space. Up go the roof racks.

The spacious double bed looks really cozy.

Complete with a mini kitchen with an electrical stove and mini-fridge for meals on the move.


Amazingly, there is even a full bathroom with a working shower.

Doesn't this dining nook look absolutely perfect for a woodsy breakfast?

This is one of the toughest RVs I have ever seen.

And because it kept its initial heavy-duty build, it can cross turf that other RVs would never dare.

So who's up for a road trip?

The brains behind this operation is a man who works for the Van Haandel Schadeherstel vehicle repair shop. Completely unsurprisingly, this custom excursion vehicle sold right away and the shop expanded to form Outbound4x4 to keep up with the demand.

Credit: Reddit

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