This Vacation Home Looks Ordinary, But When You Step Inside, You'll Feel Just Like A Kid Again

Imagine a home where everywhere you look, there’s candy. Every room you enter is a different candy theme, the pool is shaped like an ice cream cone, and the Tooth Fairy flies high above the bathroom. You might think you’re imagining a dream land, but you’re not.

Just outside of Orlando, Florida, there's a private paradise like no other. Named "The Sweet Escape," this private, gated estate is built entirely around candy themes, and can be rented all to yourself for an unforgettable, private vacation.

At over 8,000 square feet, this delicious looking mansion has ten bedrooms and can house up to 52 people.

The "Carnival Suite" has a romantic atmosphere and features classic carnival games such as "Tip-A-Troll."

If you love M&M's, you'll have a tough time falling asleep when laying in here. Even the lamps are filled with disposable M&M's.

Can't decide between drinking Coke or Pepsi? Your dilemma gets even more challenging when you have to choose betwee the Pepsi room...

And the Coca Cola room.

There's no other vacation home rental like this one. The best part is, you get the house all to yourself.

The Hershey's chocolate room, for couples, is a favorite with its own luxury massage chair and a relaxing ambiance.

Children love the Oreo room, but we can imagine there would be arguments over who gets this one.

Forget the theme parks, you'll never want to leave once you're here.


Only in The Sweet Escape would you find a lollipop themed room filled entirely with plastic balls.

A hot shower in the Candy Land bathroom would be a great way to start off your mornings.

This is probably not the best place to brush your teeth, LOL. 

The Tooth Fairy overlooks this bathroom. Standing in here is the closest thing to standing inside a caramel square.

Everything you need to have fun is inside the house, including a 1,200 square foot night club with an arcade and karaoke machine.

One of the two enormous kitchens in the house. This one has all the cereal you could ever ask for, including on the ceiling.

You can even eat cereal sitting next to your favorite mascots.

Of course, not everything is so bright and colorful. Here's a room where adults can sit and relax.

And a dessert themed dining room that comes with food cooked from a private chef.

After dinner, walk around the house and learn about the history of candy.

The inside is spectacular, but the best part of the house is outside – check out the world's only ice cream cone swimming pool.


It looks even more extraordinary at night time.

Imagine spending your lazy summer afternoons by this pool and grilling up some barbeque.

There's even a miniature golf course. It’s candy themed, of course.

A giant chess and checkers board keeps kids and adults entertained for hours.

There’s even an appearance from Officer Cheeseburger from Mcdonald's.

Tire swings are themed as LifeSavers candy.

Love movies? Enjoy a movie in the theatre room. 

Of course, the arcade is open 24/7 and doesn't require any coins to play.

There's no place like The Sweet Escape.

Here’s the full tour.

Credit: The Little Things | The Sweet Escape 

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