This Village Celebrates The Birth Of A Girl In The Most Amazing Way. I Was So Surprised To Learn Why

This might be a little hard for you to swallow, but did you know that in most Indian villages it's considered a burden to give birth to a girl? It's always been like this for them and is the stem of many issues that Indian women have to face today.

Women are not given the same opportunities as men. They are not given a proper education, and are often sent off to marriage long before they reach adulthood. 

While traditions and beliefs are difficult to change in cultures, one Indian village is making a real, positive impact. Piplantri celebrates the birth of baby girls by planting 111 trees throughout the land.

And it doesn't end there. All village members contribute donations to a kind of "trust" for the girl. It becomes available for collection once the girl reaches 20 years old. 


In addition, the parents must promise that she will not be sent off to marriage before she reaches the legal age, and that she will receive a proper education.

Gehrilal Balai is one father who lives in the Piplantri village. Last year, he planted 111 saplings in honor of his daughter.

As an agreement with the village, he and his family must look after the trees. He states that he's "felt the same happiness in looking after the saplings as lulling his daughter to sleep."

He and his family have also decided to plant a new sapling every year for her birthday.


This project isn't just positive for women in India. It's also a great initiative that promotes greener living in the community.

Folomojo reports that in the last six years, over a quarter of a million trees have been planted.

Credit: piplantri

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