This Vintage Pink Trailer Sells Cupcakes By The Road, And It Is Hiding One Teeny Tiny Secret.

Food trucks have become immensely popular in America, popping up along roadsides and serving surprisingly delicious dishes of all kinds. But have you ever seen anything like this vintage pink trailer that sells sweets? Take a closer look – there is a tiny secret about this trailer that makes it even more adorable. 

Believe it or not, this sweet shop trailer is only a few inches tall…

And the tiny balloons and desserts could easily fit in the palm of even the smallest of hands. 

The trailer was created by baker and artist Kim Saulter, who has been making 1:12 scale miniatures for the past 22 years. 

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about the craft than Kim, who recently launched a magazine about miniatures called Miniologie

Every design is hand-crafted with an intense amount of time and perfection. 

From the flowers on the table to the intricate throw pillows, no detail is overlooked. 

It’s amazing that this perfectly vintage room is no bigger than a coffee cup. 


How tiny must this hummingbird be?

All of Kim’s miniatures are amazing, but her real specialty lies in creating tiny kitchens…

Fully equipped with everything a tiny chef could need. 

There are mini dishes, oven mitts, and cookbooks…

And of course, mini food that looks good enough to eat.  

Oh cherry pie, how you tempt me. 

From crust to berries, this pie look unbelievably real...

But all of the baked goods were crafted from polymer clay. 


The various consistencies achieved with this one medium is incredible. 

I mean, check out those bananas. 

By this point you are probably wishing Kim had opened a bakery…

The good news is that she did. 

The bad news? It too is made of clay. 

It takes patience, a steady hand, and artistic vision to create miniatures like these. Kim’s work is amazing, and more of it can be viewed on her Pintrest page. Share these awesome images with your friends and family who love crafts or cupcakes. 

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic

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