This Watch's Wristband Allows You To Carry Some Of Your Most Needed Tools Anywhere

Apr 11, 2015

Tim Leatherman made his first ever multi-tool back in 1983. And in the 30 years since their creation, Leatherman tools have become widely recognized for their functionality and reliability. The Leatherman is considered by many to be America's answer to the Swiss Army knife.

The company's latest innovation brings a whole new level of portability to their acclaimed multi-tools. Not only is the Leatherman Tread wearable and pack a whopping 25 different tools, it's also travel-friendly and passes all travel safety guidelines.


Every link is interchangeable so you can customize it with the tools you need most. The carbide glass breaker, for instance, is a survival tool that you hope you’ll never need but will be glad you have. Most glass breakers these days require you to actually carry a separate item, but this one is right there on your wristwatch for that moment that you may need it. The bottle and can openers help you save space while camping (without sacrificing bringing along these basic tools), and there are several wrench and screwdriver options for those who like to get their hands dirty with the inner workings of machinery.

Credit: Leatherman | Bored Panda

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