This Water Printing Demonstration Is So Mesmerizing You'll Watch It Twice

Water transfer printing, also known as hydrographics, is a pretty remarkable technique for applying printed graphics to, well, just about anything. The technique is deceptively simple but tough to perfect. A sheet of polyvinyl film is printed with the desired image. This is laid into the water, and a chemical is sprayed on that liquefies the film. The item to be printed is dipped, just so, into the water, and voila, a perfect paint job that would be almost impossible to achieve via standard methods.

Seems easy enough, right? Well, there are timing issues to work out, and you have to dip the item perfectly, or the print will transfer weirdly, with distortions and tears. It takes practice to get as good as the folks in this video.

And well, wouldn't you rather just watch them do it, anyway? The process is so graceful and interesting to see, we think we'd rather just sit in that room all day and enjoy the show. Science and art coming together like that is beyond cool and the process is as beautiful and fascinating as the results!

We've already watched this fairly long video a couple of times, but we're sure we're going to watch it a few more.

H/T: Monir Nassar

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