This Will Look Familiar If You Went To School In The 90s

Every decade has its special moments. Some of those are major events like the moon landings or the invention of social networking. Other special moments are much smaller, much more intimate, and you can only relate to those if you can say "I was there."

We've put together 15 images that will only resonate with you if you went to elementary school in the 1990s. That's because these were the special moments which defined what it was like to be a kid back then. So go and get all of your 90s kid friends together and let's take a look back!

1. The Cutting Edge Of Art


Drawing was for 80s kids, making amazing masterworks in Kid Pix software was for the technological geniuses of the 90s. We wonder how many of these artworks are still stuck on America's fridges?

2. Math Was Awesome


Who wouldn't want to go to math lessons when you could spend all your time doing sums on Math Blaster and save the earth in the process?

3. Love-Hate Relationship


It sharpened our pencils, sure, and that was a good thing. However, it also squeaked like a herd of frightened mice and during tests, that was a really bad thing.

4. Homework Never Smelled So Good


We loved these and we're sure that our teachers appreciated the variety of scents involved while marking our homework. Our mothers, on the other hand, never got used to the stains on our faces that came from smelling them all the time.

5. State Of The Art


Calculators really are so 1990s. The modern age has no need for a separate device for adding up, but math lessons wouldn't have been the same without them.


6. Overhead Projection


Today's kids will never know the joy of badly-drawn acetate slides projected from a light box like this one. PowerPoint and proper projectors just won't be the same.

7. The Best Sight In The World


If the portable TV stand turned up in the class, you were the happiest kid in the world. It meant everyone was watching a video for that lesson instead of working.

8. A Picture Of The World


During geography lessons, you used to love watching the entire world appear, as if by magic, from the classroom ceiling on the pull-down map. 

9. Building Battlements


The best bit about building stuff with these cardboard bricks wasn't the building, it was knocking it all over once you were done building.

10. Not Cutting Corners


Remember the arts and crafts scissors at school? Remember how they wouldn't cut anything at all? They surely were safe. We hope they've fixed this for the current generation.

11. So Much Awesome


Not only were stamp markers the coolest thing that you could create stuff with, they came in a massive bucket which meant there were always enough to go around.


12. For Good Behavior


If you'd been exceptionally good at a class, you might have found your teacher reaching into a desk drawer and pulling out a game of Brain Quest as a reward.

13. Noisemaker


That electric pencil sharpener always looked so inviting, but it was the worst thing to have to use during a test. It just made so much noise!

14. Well-Organized


You had to have one of these on your desk to be in with the in-crowd. The Spacemaker was the way to organize your stuff back then.

15. They Didn't Add Up


These wonderful plastic cubes were supposed to help us get good at math. What we actually used them for was sword fighting with our friends. 

We bet you recognized a lot of those things if you went to elementary school in the 90s. Did you?

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