This Woman Is Probably Your Friend On Facebook. Here's Why That's A Really Bad Thing

Facebook is a household name around the world these days, and it's more unlikely for someone not to have a profile on the popular social media network. One result of Facebook's popularity is the flood of unsolicited friend requests that we're all too familiar with at this point. While I usually ignore these types of requests, there are plenty of people who don't see the harm in it and accept these friend requests from strangers halfway across the globe.

Unfortunately, the internet is not always the most honest place, and the anonymity of a virtual existence has led to plenty of fakers and scammers out there. Do you recognize the lady in the photo below? She looks like a harmless, older lady of Indian origin. Innocent enough right?

Aunty Acid

It turns out that the name "Madhu Shah" is pretty popular on Facebook - there are somewhere between 27-35 different accounts on Facebook that use this exact name and photograph.

None of these accounts have any links or clues that could lead to a real person. The rest of the photos on most of these profiles are all various quotes and stock photos clearly pulled from Google. If that doesn't sound super shady, I don't know what does.

One user, Pawan Manghnani, even wrote his own post warning others not to accept requests from this woman.

Pawan's post reads:

WARNING: Do not take these #‎fake #‎Fraudulentâ accounts of #MadhuShah lightly. In this case, Ignorance is not bliss but stupidity!! Someone had to initiate this. Have done a thorough research on this scary issue all week & posting this now for everybody's benefit.

There are about 34 different fb accounts (on last count) with the same name, same profile pic (attached for ref) but different cities. The worrying thing is, have more than 150 mutual friends with this fake account since about 4 years now but none of the friends I checked with knows her/him. Some even have about 500 mutual friends with zero idea on the true identity.

Upon digging further, found out that from their 34 accounts, They have added a lot of friends (and their friends) from Qatar, UAE, India, Philippines, Indonesia & Thailand (This is just the countries I know about, could be more) Probably, building up a big network from the city mentioned on their respective profile over the past 4 years. Whoever this person/gang is, they are very smart in putting a generic profile picture of an unsuspecting harmless aunt you might have met at a wedding or some social gathering. Especially not bothering to remember where because of the sheer number of mutual friends. Was shocked by some friends still not being worried about this alarming discovery, hence written this detailed post to create an awareness.

Just unfriending them is not enough. Only if a lot of people report it to fb, higher the chances of this gang getting blocked by fb itself. Kindly follow all the steps ASAP as it's easy for the stalker to change their name/profile pic & then they will be hidden in your "friend" list forever:

1) SEARCH your fb friend list for Madhu Shah.
2) CHECK your mutual friends & tag them.
3) REPORT the account to 
fb as fake. 
4) BLOCK Madhu Shah's account(s) immediately.
5) SHARE this post to warn others.

God knows what this impostor has been doing collecting your information all these years. For all you know, it could be a gang of crooks studying your life. Or worst, already using it against you or your family. Be Safe..!

At this time, there are no reports of any actual wrongdoing from any of these fraudulent accounts. It's also important to clarify that the woman in the photo has not been identified and most likely has no idea her image is being used in this way. Still, it's always better to be safe than sorry - just because the scammers behind this haven't tried anything yet doesn't mean they won't in the future.

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H/T: Aunty Acid

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