This Woman Is The 11th Bride To Wear This 120-Year-Old Dress

A woman's wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. Most weddings require heavy amounts of planning, taking time to perfect every single detail before the big day. Because of the significance of the occasion, a lot of women spend incredible amounts of time searching for the dress of their dreams. New, flowing and gorgeous, a dress is one of the main elements of the wedding, but not every dress has to be new or made for the bride to fit the importance of the day. Take Abigail Kingston's dress, for example. 

On her wedding day, Kingston will be wearing a 120-year-old, Victorian-era, silk satin gown that has been worn by 10 brides before her.

Her mother wore it as her wedding dress, but she was not in possession of it. For Abigail to try it on, she had to first find it.

Fortunately, her mother Leslie knew where to look - it turns out that the dress is a tradition in her family, and the mother of the most recent bride to wear the dress keeps it until it moves to its next owner.

Leslie contacted Sara Seiler Ogden, the 4th bride to wear the dress. She wore it in 1960 and kept it after her daughter, Ann, wore it in 1991.

Sara shipped the dress to Abigail and Leslie, but it was in pretty bad shape.

Despite its many wearers, the dress had only been cleaned once. It now had browned portions of fabric and a number of holes. Abigail said that the sleeves looked like rags when she pulled it out of the box.

Fortunately, designer Deborah LoPresti was able to help. After over 200 hours of work, she successfully restored the dress. It is still, however, very fragile, so Abigail will only be wearing it for cocktails, wearing a new and sturdier dress for the actual ceremony.


To honor the tradition of the dress, which was first worn by Abigail's great-great-grandmother in 1895, the wedding will feature pictures of the previous 10 women to wear it.

Here is Mary Lowry Warren, the very first woman to wear the dress.

This is the second, Jane Woodruff, in 1946.

Virginia Woodruff was third, in 1948.

Followed by Sara "Sally" Seiler Ogden, in 1960.

The fifth was Laird MacConnell, in 1976.

The mother of the bride, and the sixth woman to wear the dress, was Leslie Woodruff Kingston, in 1977.

Next was Janet Kearns, in 1982.


And then Jane Ogden, in 1986.

The ninth was Virginia Kearns, in 1989.

And, finally, the most recent bride was Ann Ogden, in 1991.

The story of this dress is truly incredible. It's a great reminder of the importance of tradition, especially on special occasions. What a great way to bring everyone together on Abigail's big day.

It won’t stop with Abigail, however. Apparently, a 12th bride is already looking into the dress for her own wedding.

Via: Kelly McEwan/Lehigh Valley Live

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