This Woman Posed For A Photo In The Middle Of The Street. The Truth She Uncovered Is Disturbing.

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero‘s latest series, "The Watchers", at first glance looks like a self-portrait series, but while it does feature Morris-Cafiero herself, the statement comes from those around her.

Morris-Cafiero is a woman of size and has been aware of the reactions of others to her body type her entire life. By photographing their reactions, Morris-Cafiero is turning their judgmental eye back onto them and making a powerful statement about size-acceptance in a thinness-obsessed culture.

The photographer is based in Memphis, but it was the image above, taken in Times Square in the middle of New York City, that kicked off her "The Watchers" series. (Take note of the accidentally on-point ad message behind her.)

Her work has enjoyed viral success online, but she does, of course, have detractors chiding her for her appearance. "I don't care what anybody thinks about my body and I'm perfectly fine with that," she says, adding, "but as I celebrate myself, I hope you learn to love and celebrate yourself as well."



Credit: Haley Morris-Cafiero

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