This Woman Turns A Half-Bedroom Apartment Into A Luxury Home

Feb 26, 2016

As more and more people move towards urban areas, and the overall population continues to rise, space is increasingly at a premium. In some places, rent prices are almost unreasonably high. San Francisco is probably the worst rental market in the country right now, with a one-bedroom apartment averaging nearly $3,500 in rent! On the other end of the country, New York City comes in second for most expensive rentals with an average monthly rent of around $3,100. With the average American pulling in around $3,400 a month in income, you can see how things can get pretty tight in these cities.

It's not surprising, then, that most people living in these cities are used to dealing with some very cramped spaces (in New York City, each square foot costs upwards of $3 to rent, which adds up pretty quick). A lot of people opt for roommates to help split the costs, but people still end up having to make the most out of a very minimal amount of space. A lot of them take inspiration from the "tiny house" movement, downsizing their possessions and finding creative ways to get multiple functions out of the same area/furniture.

Interior designer Jen Chu, who's worked on some high-profile TV shows like "Project Runway" and "The Real World," lives in a 78-square-foot bedroom in Brooklyn. She shares a 1.5-bedroom apartment with a roommate, and she ended up getting the tiny half-bedroom. Using her skills as an interior designer, she decided that instead of trying to fit too much in that space, she was literally going to make a "bed" room. Her luxurious canopy bed occupies the majority of the room, and also serves as a bed, couch, and desk all in one.


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