This Wombat Was Clinically Depressed, Until His Handler Gave Him A Stuffed Animal To Hold

Life hasn’t been easy for Tonka the wombat. First, his mother was struck by a vehicle and killed in the Australian outback. Tonka was rescued, but in 2011, a cyclone destroyed his beloved home at the Billabong Animal Sanctuary in Queensland. Suddenly, Tonka lost 20 percent of his body weight. He was sleepy, glum and not at all the jovial wombat his handlers had grown to know and love.

After countless vet visits and tests, they finally discovered the answer …

Tonka was severely depressed. 


Due to the cyclone destruction, Billabong Animal Sanctuary had to close down for eight weeks of repairs. Tonka missed the visitors, who usually showered him with love and cuddles. 

It was then that one of his handlers had a bizarre idea – why not give him a stuffed wombat to hold? It wasn’t exactly in the books, but at this point, anything was worth a try. 

Within days, Tonka was happy again. He was eating, playing, and of course, loving his stuffed wombat. 


In fact, he loved it to death with constant bites and hugs. It’s been replaced multiple times, with each one more adored than the last. 

Tonka is now seven years old, and a prime attraction of the now re-built Billabong Animal Sanctuary. 

And he’s back to getting plenty of hugs! There’s no denying by that face, he’s one happy wombat. 

Via: Boredom Therapy | Tonka the Wombat

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