This Wooden Room Seems Plain, But When I Saw The Big Picture, I Was Wishing I Was A Kid Again

One super cool creative dad named Jake noticed that his son Kian seriously loved playing pirates. Twig swords, treasure pennies, even a makeshift eyepatch could keep him entertained all afternoon. It could not have made Jake happier, as he had been planning to build him a pirate bed since before Kian was even born.

This is Kian's absolutely priceless reaction to his pirate bed.

Jake started by collecting nautical accessories and ship stuff from garage sales and Craigslist. By babyhood, Kian already had a seaside-themed nursery.

An old wine barrel gets a new life as a cabinet and end table for the room.

Not to mention the stand for this fish tank where dead men tell no tales.

A few layers of stain and spray paint give this painting a salt-worn aged look.


With very thin plywood, Kian's walls are covered with ship planks.

Jake then stained them to give a water-logged look.

He got these light fixtures from an old restaurant.

He put some old-timey touches on this electrical fireplace with a few coats of paint and wooden embellishments.

He really scored with this treasure chest from Craigslist.

As soon as Kian was old enough to graduate out of his crib, Jake started in on the framework for this awesome big-boy bed.


The bottom level is for the bed and the fort is on the top loft.

The finished room is the stuff of kid dreams.

The inside of the fort.

Kian's stuffed animals make for the deckhands.

The fireplace keeps it comfy cozy.

Ahoy, Captain Kian.

Credit: Reddit

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