This Yoga Studio Gives Classes With Shelter Cats To Help Them Get Adopted.

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that they are yogi masters by nature. The lithe, sinewy poses and stretches come so easy to a feline practitioner, it's impossible not to see them as your yoga spirit animal. A yoga studio in Illinois took notice of this and created the purrrrfect partnership.

They teamed up with animal shelter Homeward Bound for Adopt-A-Cat Month (which is in June). The shelter brings in adult cats to yoga classes and lets the cats mingle with the students, and this all happens at Yoga at Connie's, a yoga studio in Decatur, Illinois.

It gives the cats the chance to mingle in a more natural environment than a shelter, where the loud noises, harsh lights and other chaotic animals can make the cats agitated.

The chill vibe of a yoga studio is much more to a cat's liking.


Some of the cats definitely got in on the stretches.

The event raised $500 for Homeward Bound's no-kill shelter.

And, one of the cats even found her forever home.

They relished in the affection between poses.


To find out more about Adopt-A-Cat Month, visit Petfinder or the Homeward Bound Pet Shelter of Decatur.

Here's a video of the feline yogis in action:

Credit: Yoga at Connies | Homeward Bound

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