Throwing Dirty Clothes Outside Sounds Crazy, But It Could Save Your Dog's Life

For most dog owners, their pets are part of the family. They're an equal member who is cherished and loved, just like the rest of the group. What would happen if they went missing one day? You can't call them or email them to ask what's going on, you can only go out and look for them. It can be a time of panic and confusion. If this ever happens, just follow these steps.

Time is the most important factor. Don't leave anything to chance. If you don't see your dog, go out and look for them right away.

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According to Larry Maynard of National Pet Detectives, a lost pet prevention and recovery service, 89 percent of lost pets are found in the first 12 hours.

Make it easier for them to find their way back

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One of the most effective methods is to take something they'll recognize, such as a piece of clothing you've been wearing, a toy or their water bowl, and leave it in the spot where you last saw them. 

Search online databases if your dog has a microchip.

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If your dog has a microchip or ID tag, search online databases because that will be the first place they will pop up.

Here are a few links you can search:

Microchip Registration Center


Microchip Registry

Home Again


AKC Reunite

Pet Amber Alert

Search around your neighbors' houses.

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The best places to start looking is around your home, including your neighbors’ houses. Tell them about the situation and ask them to contact you if they see anything.

Go further than you would expect.

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Take your search outside of the zone you think your dog would have gone. Your dog is not going to only remain in one area. If lost for an extended period of time, they might wander far from home. 


Create a proper "lost dog" sign.

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You should post "lost dog" signs at around a 10-15 mile radius around your home. Make sure it’s in color so people can easily spot your dog and connect it with the photo.

Use social media to your advantage

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We have an advantage in today's society and it’s the power of social media. Post your flyer to your Facebook wall and ask people for help.

Call the police and animal shelters.

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Calling the police increases your chances greatly. As squad cars patrol the area, they may spot your dog. Also, they are the first people someone might call if they find a lost dog.

Use a pet detective

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If all else fails, you can call a pet detective. They'll be more professionally trained to find your dog.

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