Tiger Mom Has Baby

Watching an animal give birth is an amazing experience that very few people are lucky enough to have. After months of carrying to term, mom gives the gift of a life. It's really a beautiful thing.

Unlike more common North American mammals, tigers usually give birth privately, often in enclosures. Now, we have a rare opportunity to see a mother tiger giving birth.

A zookeeper stands by as the mother tiger gives life to her baby. Others observe the scene via live camera feeds. The audience is overjoyed with the new cub, but then a hush falls over everyone. It's now been two minutes and the baby still isn't breathing. The keepers are now deciding if they need to intervene. They want to let things happen naturally, but if they don't jump in, the baby could die.

After what seems like an eternity, the cub stirs and everyone can breathe easy. But then... the mom starts to deliver the twin!

Watch the video below to see how the second birth goes.

Warning: A live birth happens in this video, which some viewers might find graphic.

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H/T: BBC Earth

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