Timelapse Captures Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis

Mar 5, 2016

Like most people in the world, I love butterflies. My family used to have plenty of them around the plants in our garden, and I would love to sit and read on the grass while all the butterflies did their thing. Butterflies are beautiful and fascinating creatures, and my favorite has to be the monarch. There's just something so cool about monarch butterflies; I could watch one float around for hours.

Most of us have learned about the life cycle of butterflies at some point in our education. We all know the basic facts of how it happens, but it's rare that we actually get to see it. Thanks to a brilliant time lapse by Front Yard Video, we now get to see that process in full. The three-minute video shows the entire development stage from caterpillar to butterfly. Most of the time lapse shows the pupation stage, which is when the caterpillar forms its cocoon and transforms into the beautiful creature seen at the end. 

I found myself amazed at how much the tiny caterpillar has to go through to finish its metamorphosis. It kicks, swings, and struggles to break itself free, but when it finally does it is truly a sight to behold. Monarch butterflies have long been said to be endangered, but recently, the monarch population has been vastly improving. Let's hope people all across the world take extra special care of them, because the world would be a lot less colorful without monarch butterflies floating around. 

H/T: Front Yard Video

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