Tiny Cottage Is Straight Out Of A Fairy-Tale

Wouldn’t it be great to get away? If you’re in the throes of a late, late winter snowstorm like many are in the country, we’re betting a beautiful cottage retreat sounds like a dream right now. Well, here’s a particular cottage that also looks like a dream! The Cottage Company offered up a tour of this incredible cottage that isn’t quite tiny house material but still manages to fit an astounding amount of useful stuff (and plenty of charm) into a fairly small package.

With each successive image, we couldn’t help but start dreaming out the perfect vacation. Even a weekend getaway. Seriously, where’d all this snow come from? It’s absurd. So over it. The lush greenery in the backyard, the gorgeous sunlight beaming in through the skylights… we need this place, now. Some of us dream of beaches and rivieras. Some of us prefer the backwoods. Still others enjoy a desert hideaway. But all of us, every last one, could probably do with a little warmer weather right now.

Right from the get-go, the abundant, natural landscaping creates an almost fairy-tale setting for this charming little home-away-from-home.

We would kill for a porch like this. Or weather like this. But when you get inside?

It impossibly feels even lighter and airier than the outside!


Skylights and lots of white give the cottage a bright, expansive feel. That two-story living room doesn’t hurt, either.

A somewhat open floor plan extends that free, outdoorsy feeling into the kitchen. Is that a breakfast nook?

Why yes, yes it is! Eat your eggs or oatmeal and feel that summer breeze through the hundred or so windows. It’s a hundred or so, right? We forgot what an open window that’s not caked in ice and snow looks like, so it’s hard to tell.

The design is equal parts rustic and modern, so you never feel too disconnected from real life, but never too attached to it, either.

Even the bathroom feels bigger than it is, thanks to those color choices.


Now, every vacation might include a little work now and then. But let’s relegate that to this adorable “office,” away from the fun parts.

Upstairs, still more windows and skylights keep that low, bungalow roof at bay.

There’s even a nearly full bath upstairs! No waiting, because waiting is for workdays.

And after you’ve spent the day relaxing, well, time to relax some more on your back porch. Enjoy that gorgeous greenery!

H/T: The Cottage Company

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