Tiny House Has Impressive Interior

With the cost of housing constantly becoming less affordable, more people are becoming interested in alternative living arrangements. Even for those that already have a home, living in something like a tiny house can free up a lot of money or lower your bills dramatically. Whether it be a person's first home or they are downsizing for retirement, tiny homes like this one can provide someone with a lot more than they would expect.

It typically takes a unique situation for a tiny home to be right for you, but this couple from Portland, Oregon made it work perfectly for them. With some creativity and a lot of elbow grease, they turned what was supposed to be a garage into a perfectly livable house.

Jenny and Michael had a garage in their backyard that wasn't exactly suitable for a car. It was small and stored a lot of other things so they decided to turn it into a tiny house.

The couple spent a lot of time traveling between Portland and Los Angeles, so they know that hotels can be quite expensive. This gave them the idea of renting out the tiny home to travelers.

What was once a dilapidated garage was transformed into an elegant guest home for travelers looking to stay somewhere cheap yet beautiful.


The kitchen area has everything you need including a sink, dishwasher, fridge and enough table and shelf space for anything you need to do.

The home itself is about 350 square feet and manages to pack a lot into the confined space.

Would you have ever expected an area so small to have so much open floor space?

The couple put a lot of attention into the details of this home and outfitted it with modern-styled furniture and hardwood flooring. It may be surprising to know that many of the wooden elements are actually constructed of reclaimed wood from fruit crates.

The reclaimed materials give the home a very authentic rustic feel.


Construction on the former garage started in October of 2012 and was quickly finished by January 2013.

One of the most important concerns was being able to bring enough natural lighting into the house. They added several windows and brand new doors to help transform it into a place you would actually want to live in.

The home can be rented on Airbnb for about $100/night. It comes with free Wi-Fi and a separate entrance.

Via: Slip Talk | The Rustic Modern Tiny House

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