Tiny Houses Mean Tiny Debts

Jan 25, 2015

Have you taken a look at housing trends lately? There is a movement that is sweeping the globe known as “downsizing.” 

In other words, people are swapping out their large homes for a tiny home.

The typical US home is 2,600 square feet, while a tiny house ranges from 100-400 feet. 

Why would someone do this? Well for starters, to save lots of money! A tiny house can cost anywhere from 15K to 80K, compared to 272K for a more average-sized home (which, with interest, is closer to 482K).


Every INCH of a tiny house is utilized and the owner certainly would have to downsize their belongings as well. But of course, getting rid of unnecessary things is a good thing, right?

Tiny homes are a benefit to the owner and the environment as well.

Using far less resources to build and maintain these homes helps the entire global community.

Credit: The Mind Unleashed

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