Tiny Kitten Is Adopted By Ferrets

The adorable kitten that is being featured in this story is named Komari. Found abandoned just after birth, the fluffy critter was lucky enough to have been discovered and taken into a shelter. Shortly after that, she was adopted by a loving family, but that's where things take an interesting twist.

At just 5 months old, she was absolutely tiny when she was discovered abandoned in the streets.

Little did she know, she would eventually be adopted into a family that included five ferrets.

Being just a baby, the family of ferrets instantly took a liking to her and helped with her upbringing.


This lead Komari to think that she is a ferret as well.

They look so adorable together.

Even though they are different animals, they all sleep in the same pile.

They even bathe together.


Long after she has grown bigger than her brothers and sisters, Komari won't sleep anywhere else.

They all eat at the same time, but Komari is given different food.

Bunched together with her sibling in a hammock.

Via: Bored Panda | Twitter

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