Toddler Loves His Dad So Much

Goodbyes are rough. Even if they aren't for good, it can be an emotional experience saying goodbye to someone, especially if it's someone you love. The dad and his toddler in the video below know this better than anyone. The touching video has over two million views and features the little boy saying goodbye to his father for nearly three minutes.

At first, the toddler watches as his dad leaves. Dad needs to encourage his son for a hug goodbye. But quickly, the little boy because all about goodbyes, repeating himself over and over. The father goes to leave in his truck and the little boy walks after it, still telling him that he loves him.

Seeing his son stumbling over to him in the rearview mirror, the man exits the truck for one more last, big hug. He then directs the toddler to the porch, but even then, the kid isn't done saying goodbye!

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H/T: Break Clips

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