Toddler Spends 3 Minutes Saying "I Love You" To Departing Dad

Mar 19, 2016

Babies sure are cute, aren’t they? Nothing says adorable honesty and earnestness like a child can. The little toddler in this video, who seems to be named Colton, can’t stop telling his dad just how much he loves him. Because kids don’t care whether you’ve got to work long hours, or whether you’re a good person or a bad person in the eyes of adults, as long as you give them love and affection they’ll return it a hundred-fold.

While many of us might not have kids ourselves or perhaps have kids who have grown into adults and therefore out of this particular phase of showing love, it’s nice sometimes to watch a video like this and smile, appreciating what someone else has for themselves.

We’re not sure what little Colton is up to these days, at least a year and a half after this video went up on YouTube, but we imagine it involves more clothes. Hopefully still with plenty of love and caring for others, though!


#HAPPYFRIDAY This US toddler loves his dad so much he spends three minutes continuously telling him he loves him, as he prepares to drive to work. The video has gone viral- melting millions of hearts. Since it was posted on Facebook in August, the video has recorded more than 25 million views.

Posted by 9 News Perth on Thursday, November 5, 2015

H/T: 9 News Perth

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